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Night view
22 September 2017

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16 November 2017

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Steve Rice on A sunny day
Lovely light through the maple leaves.

Existence Artistique on A sunny day

Steve Rice on In front of the garden
They have a splendid view.

omid on In front of the garden
such beautiful angle, colors & lights! Amazing silhouettes.

Ruthiebear on In front of the garden
Stunning use of light and point of view

Devi on In front of the garden
Beautiful soft mood here :) have a nice weekend :)

Existence Artistique on In front of the garden

Ronnie 2¢ on In front of the garden
What a lovely moment this becomes - I feel I am there !

Anna Cherer on In front of the garden
Beautiful silhouettes in backlight for a quiet moment !

Michael Skorulski on In front of the garden
Beautiful and tranquil.

Steve Rice on Enjoy a wall
A lovely view of the Iris in this wonderful garden. I enjoy the boardwalk through the flowers.

Existence Artistique on Enjoy a wall

Devi on Enjoy a wall
his is really a beauuuuuuuuuuutiful image !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruthiebear on Enjoy a wall
Beautiful light and colors.

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Enjoy a wall
J'ai visité ce type de jardin d'eau cet été en France dans le Périgord c'est ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Enjoy a wall
Ahhh . . this looks so inviting . .

Michael Skorulski on Enjoy a wall
Oh such a pretty garden. Really worth a fine image.

Steve Rice on Hydrangea
An excellent capture of the pretty blossoms.

Existence Artistique on Hydrangea

Ruthiebear on Hydrangea
I love the light in this lovely close up

Devi on Hydrangea
Beautiful :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Dimitrios on Hydrangea

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Hydrangea

Michael Skorulski on Hydrangea
Beautiful light and delicate color in this nice composition.

Existence Artistique on View through the gate
bien cet orangé

Steve Rice on View through the gate
I love the colors.

Devi on View through the gate
The gate itself is beauiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruthiebear on View through the gate
Vibrant color and lovely framing

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on View through the gate
La lourde porte couvre et la visite commence.

Michael Skorulski on View through the gate
A crisp and enjoyable composition.

Ronnie 2¢ on View through the gate
That color makes such a fine statement . .

Existence Artistique on A heart

Steve Rice on A heart

Devi on A heart
wow...this is simply superb!! Awesome shot !!!!!

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on A heart
Tout simplement magnifique.

Steve Rice on Relaxing
A lovely place to escape the heat.

Devi on Relaxing
Lovely place to relax...enjoy some quiet moments !Beautiful shot !!!

Ruthiebear on Relaxing
COmposed and framed beautifully

Existence Artistique on Relaxing

Ronnie 2¢ on Relaxing
Way to be . .

Michael Skorulski on Relaxing
A lovely refined spot to relax. Excellently composed.

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Relaxing
Une place à l'ombre en ce moment est une place privilégiée.

Darkelf Photography on Slope with steps
Love this composition and perspective.

Existence Artistique on Slope with steps
bien cet orangé

Steve Rice on Slope with steps
A gorgeous image of the lanterns. A very effective image.

Ruthiebear on Slope with steps
What a beautiful point of view. I love the light too.

Michael Skorulski on Slope with steps
Wonderful composition.

Ronnie 2¢ on Slope with steps
Magical . .

Steve Rice on Iris
Fabulous! I love the focus, depth, and bokeh.

Ruthiebear on Iris
I adore the purples. SUch beautiful light also.

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